POLZEATH HOUSE Terms and conditions for the holiday use of Polzeath House, Cornwall (together with its grounds "The Property")


1. If the booking or part thereof is cancelled by the Occupier and efforts to re-let the Property for the whole cancelled period are successful the deposit will be returned to the Occupier less an administration charge of £50 per week of the cancelled period and no further charge will be payable. If the Property is not re-let for all or any part of the cancelled period the deposit and the balance of the charge in respect of such period shall be respectively forfeit and payable; save that if at least six weeks' notice of cancellation is received by e-mail to the Letting Agent and acknowledged the balance of the charge shall not be payable though the deposit remains forfeit. If the Occupier fails to take up the accommodation without giving notice of cancellation, all payments made shall be forfeit and any balance of the charge shall be payable forthwith. Should the Occupier seek to cancel one or more weeks of a longer booked period, the Letting Agent reserves the right to cancel the whole period in which case the whole deposit less the said administration charge shall be refunded. The Occupier’s attention is drawn to insurance policies which provide cover against unforeseen cancellation.

At the end of the period, charges

2. The Occupier undertakes to: Leave the Property in a thoroughly clean and tidy condition; report any losses damage or breakages to the Letting Agent and, if a member of the party or their guest is responsible, either make good the same to the Letting Agent's satisfaction or reimburse the Letting Agent in respect thereof; return all keys of the Property to the Letting Agent or as requested; vacate the Property by 10.00 am on the day of departure; read the electricity and fuel oil meters on arrival and departure and remit to the Letting Agent within one week of departure charges for telephone, electricity and oil used and changeover and laundry charges at the rate specified by the Letting Agent unless netted off against a security deposit.

Security Deposit

3 Any security deposit made by the Occupier shall be returned to the Occupier within two weeks of the end of the period less charges for oil, electricity, changeover and laundry and the reasonable cost of any replacements and repairs to the Property and its contents arising from the Occupier’s period of tenure.


4. The Occupier undertakes not to bring or allow any pets in the house without the Letting Agent’s prior agreement and which are not fully housetrained; nor to allow pets on any furniture or to remain unsupervised in the house; and to clear up any poos on the property before departure.


5. The Occupier accepts full responsibility for the actions and property of all members of the party and any persons entering the Property during his/her period of occupation excepting only the Letting Agent and the Letting Agent's agents. The Letting Agent accepts no liability in respect of any of the foregoing their property or vehicles for loss, damage or inconvenience directly or indirectly attributable to the Property its services or the weather. The Occupier accepts the Property in the condition in which it is and in the knowledge that it has unfenced gardens with steep, uneven steps and drops.

6. There is no contract prior to receipt of deposit and issue of a confirmation of booking. The Occupier is granted no legal demise or any greater interest than a licence to occupy the Property for the purpose only of a holiday for the period and on the terms provided.

7. The Letting Agent reserves the right to cancel or terminate the arrangements for any reason and at any time in which event he shall reimburse the Occupier any money paid in respect of the cancelled period but shall have no further obligation to the Occupier.


The number of the Occupier's party and guests on the premises may not without the Letting Agent's consent exceed thirteen persons. 9. If for any reason the Property is not suitable for occupation at the time of the let, because of for example fire or water damage, all amounts paid will be refunded and the Letting Agent shall be under no further obligation to the Occupier.

10. The Letting Agent and his agents shall have access to the Property at all reasonable times.

11. No furnishings or equipment in the house shall be taken outside, whether to the garden or beach. All losses and damage to furniture, bedclothes, fittings etc. caused by pets, children or otherwise shall be made good by the Occupier or reimbursed to the Letting Agent.

A.P.C. Rayner (The Letting Agent) 05/16

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